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Nestled on Toronto’s Waterfront, 95 Lake Shore Boulevard East, Toronto. Sugar Wharf Condominiums is everything you’ve been dreaming of. A place where dreams, work and play live happily. It’s where homes, offices, shopping, restaurants, daycare, transit, schools and parks are rolled into one magical community. Sugar Wharf combines everything you love into the sweetest life you can imagine.

Key Information:

  • Located in Lakeshore Downtown Toronto

  • Occupancy Date: 2022

  • Phase 1: 72 Storeys & 1927 Units

  • Phase 2: 90 & 1927 units

Why this location?

Located at the heart of lakeside Downtown Toronto along with the close proximity to wide range of districts there is truly no better location to invest in than Sugarwharf.

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SugarWharf map.png


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