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Introducing Galleria on the Park, a new Dupont city park community by ELAD Canada. A celebration of people who have forged a cultural district of its own - one that’s warm and welcoming, colourful and curious, bold and ambitious. Galleria fuses urban living with a rarely seen massive park, public spaces, lifestyle experiences, exceptional retail and innovative office space. Enjoy every new activity and event right here in a community living, working and growing as one.

As an Agent with VIP EARLY ACCESS, we will be able to deliver you EXCLUSIVE PRICES + BENEFITS.



why this location

Galleria on the Park close to Dupont Station making it easy for you to commute to anywhere in the GTA.

With a great location anis a perfect way for you to capture the tremendous growth that condominiums in Toronto are experiencing!

Galleria on the Park will also have a community centre with amenities for children making it a perfect place to raise a family

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