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Vincent Condos is located in the heart of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, located on Highway 7 and Jane.

Adagio is located in 771 Yonge Street, Toronto will also consist of 202 Units.


Vincent Condos is located near a VMC  with direct subway connections to York University and downtown Toronto as well as VIVANEXT and local bus routes across Vaughan and York Region. The Vincent Condos features a vibrant location buzzing with cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, businesses and surrounded by parks, trails, schools, golf courses and more.

The VMC is also set top become the downtown hub of Vaughan allowing you to travel through subway and have all the amenities you need.

The City of Vaughan offers diverse and rich opportunities for education, art, culture, sports, nature and health for all its residents. Canada’s first smart hospital, the new state-of-the-art Vaughan Hospital will be a short 10-minute drive from VMC. The great transformation of Vaughan is just getting started.


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EMBLEM Developments is one of the fastest growing real estate development companies in the GTA with a focus on developing high-rise residential buildings. EMBLEM Developments’ current development portfolio consists of over 4,000 residences representing $2.6 billion of
development value.

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