Artform by EMBLEM located at 86 Dundas St. East, Mississauga (at intersection Hurontario St. and Dundas St.) is a symbol of style, design, and luxury.


A graceful denial of conformity. Artform’s 17-storeys of bold, creative presence intersects with thoughtful, clean aesthetics to create the perfect marriage of art and design. Brick, metal, stone and glass come together in an architectural achievement of geometry and creativity.


With Mississauga's Property values increasing day by day, ARTFORM is a perfect condo to invest in.

As an Agent with VIP ACCESS, we will be able to deliver you special prices as well as early access.


The Dundas and Hurontario region of Mississauga has designated  as an "Intensification Corridor" by the City of Mississauga opening up the region to a huge amount of investment

This gives the opportunity to investors like you to take advantage of this up and coming area!

This chart shows that Condominium Value & Growth Rates have been tremendous in the Mississauga region compared to Toronto based on Reports. 

With the massive developments happening the Dundas & Hurontario Street as well as the increasing value of Mississauga Real Estate makes this an AMAZING INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY

Developments in the area

Hurontario & Dundas today



No. 1 Top Producer Team

Galleria Branch: Branch Manager - Sung Gyu Park

Address : 7040 Yonge Street, Unit N-3 , Thornhill , L4J 1V7

416 - 886 - 8863 - (한국어-Korean)

416 - 629 - 4649 -( 한국어 & English)

647 - 522 - 8864  -  (English)

Telephone: 905 - 771 - 0885


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